der leather has been sold out, and orders for salamander leather are currently not accepted.”

I saw a recliner behind the counter in the leather shop, and one wearing a strap leather The leatherworker of trousers lay soundly asleep on the recliner.
So he stepped up and asked the waiter: “Can you process leather armor on behalf of you? I want to process a batch of swamp giant crocodile leather with materials. You can make some hard leather armor. Can you take the order?”
Maybe it’s been too long since there’s no business, the young waiter hesitated, then Only then ecstatically replied: “Uh, of course! You brought the main materials yourself?”
I said for sure: “Yes!”
The leatherworker lying in the chair suddenly stood up and replied to me: “This No problem, it’s great when I have work. I lie on a chair all day, and my body is about to rust.” The
tanner stretched his muscles and bones and looked 南京桑拿按摩网 at me expectantly. Seeing the tanner preparing to receive me personally, the waiter retreated to the door.
I asked the leatherworker: “How is the price calculated?” The
leatherworker was silent for a while, and said, “May I take a look at 江苏桑拿论坛the leather first?”
There are many statements in leatherwork, especially the quality of the leather, which directly affects To the degree of difficulty in making leather armor.
So I happily replied: “Of course.”
Then, I took out a bundle of swamp giant crocodile leather from the magic waist bag, untied the rope tied to it, and spread the whole crocodile leather on the ground. This is a perfect one. The leather of the swamp giant crocodile, when the tanner saw this leather, he was attracted by it.
“What a great leather! This is a very complete piece of swamp giant leather.” Looking at the swamp giant’s leather, the leatherworker exclaimed.
Then he turned around, went back to the counter, found a volume of parchment on a bookshelf, placed it on the counter in front of me, unfolded the pages of the book, and introduced to me: “南京桑拿会所 There are The style of ha