ttle embarrassed: “Sorry, I always missed some good opportunities because of various trivial things. Everyone would not think I joined too late!”

“We just paid back.
I am worried that there is not enough manpower.”
“Of course not!” “Where it is too late, we are very welcome to come!” The
boys echoed.
At this time, several girls who were dealing with chocobo leg meat also came over and saw a new magic antelope leg meat in the magic box on the ground, with a pained expression, complained to Noah: “Noah , Do you think we are not messy enough here? Bring so many devil antelope legs, we don’t know how to cook these fresh leg of lamb!”
“Everyone, please don’t worry, Ji Jia is a man who used to be on the grassland. If you’ve lived in the Northland, you might as well let him be the head chef today to prepare these basic demon ingredients.”
The girls in the classes looked at me curiously, As if Ken believed, in accordance with Noah’s words, 江苏桑拿论坛 I rolled up my sleeves and said to the classmates: “I came from a commoner family in El City, Sloyt Province. Follow a caravan to travel on the Pai Plateau. They are good at making 南京桑拿楼凤网 plateau-style barbecue. If you believe me, let me give it a try!”
class The girls here gathered together and whispered in whispers. After a short while, one of the girls blinked her big Shui Lingling eyes, with some curious eyes on her face, and smiled and said to me: “For the time being, neither of us Better attention than here, you can try it, but before that, in order to avoid completely messing up this celebration, we want to try your craft first.”
The girl with big eyes said, her face turned red, and then again Wave your hand and add to me: “Please forgive us for being so straightforward. It’s not that we don’t trust you. It’s just that we all don’t know you well. We feel that a person who is addicted to learning magic may not have time to learn cooking. . ” ”
I will cherish you for the trust given to me. “I said, laughing. 南京桑拿会所
The sweet-looking girl with big eyes s