st so happens that the light ring is the power of emotions.”

“Why do you have that kind of thing on your body? It’s like a terrorist is ready to launch a biochemical attack at any time.”
Bobo blinked, always feeling that this kind of thing is a bit dangerous.
After hearing the words, Su Ming shrugged, the black and yellow mask flowed out from under his skin 南京龙凤网 and solidified, the red eyepieces suddenly lit up, and the grim and hoarse voice responded:
“Because I am… the death knell!” He
heard the Batman style. The standard answer is that the eyes of the orangutan suddenly became like a dead fish. If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t talk about it. Why do you have to tell a cold joke now?
Chapter 2210 The Decaying Messenger A
few seconds later, when the black slime was forced to the corner of the lake, and no more monsters could get out of the water, the bald guy with the rotting mushrooms growing on his head was forced to drill out of the water. Out.
“The water is good. It’s convenient to be half-dead without breathing, huh?” Su Ming raised his hand to the lamp and the ray, and the strong and steady yellow light pushed the opponent to a wall, only his head was exposed outside:南京夜生活论坛 ” But I guess upside-down people can’t think of it. I also mastered the means of mental attacks, didn’t I? Even though it is through foreign objects.”
“This is a bit different from what we said, the damn upside down monster is behind in intelligence, and it says you I can use mushrooms, huh.” The
bald man shook his head and struggled, but he didn’t seem so serious.
As the spokesperson of the Rotten Black, he can’t die in the country of corruption. Although all kinds of mixed emotions can affect him, it’s like stuffing stool in his head, but it’s just a bit uncomfortable, not a big deal. hurt.
The fear that the death knell carries is very strong. The yellow light is the strongest of all the current colors. It feels like the golden pool of water under your feet is attracted by it and provides it with str