The death knell sighed, he pushed the glasses on his nose and brought his head closer to the window: “I’m going to be a demonstration, I’m optimistic about asking questions!” The

Hearts and Arrows Magic Bone made a 南京夜生活spa论坛 voice: “Answer!”
“What is the name of Dad’s brother? ?” Su Ming threw the first question to prove the super intelligence of this’high-tech automatic problem solver’.
“Dad’s younger brother is called uncle, uncle’s father is called grandfather, father’s mother is called grandma, and grandma’s daughter is called aunt.” The bone head sang the dynamic rhythm like RAP, singing a very weird nursery rhyme.
Behind the transformation, the loyal death knell shrugged to the store, showing just the right amount of pride to show off:
“Look, it will answer.”
Seeing this thing that shines in the
laboratory in Chapter 2480 can really answer the question. Able to speak standard London English, some smiles appeared on the face of the blond man facing him.
This artifact item has already been deemed valuable by him, but it needs to be verified a little bit before it can be acquired with peace of mind.
“Can I try?” The blond man looked at the man whose eyes were clearly the leader.
“Of course.” The 南京桑拿会所网 man with Clark’s face smiled gently.
Su Ming is very confident, to be precise, confident in Elsa’s magic.
As an outstanding graduate of Kama Taj, can she still not be able to make a magical version of the walkie-talkie?
Before the energy charged by this bone runs out, it can be used to talk to the adjutant, and the adjutant only needs to draw out a thread to deal with it casually.
Useful information is absolutely not leaked at all, but it is good to be used to enlighten infants and young children. Besides, this kind of thing does not need to be able to answer many questions to measure its value.
It’s because there is no circuit or chip in this hollow tube. How can we make a sound and understand people’s problems?
This is where the money is.
“Ask a question!” The blond man followed S