e after the closing time, and the red carpet under his feet was suddenly wetted, leaving blood-stained footprints.

This place is usually open to the citizens of Gotham, but the recent chaos in the world has caused people to seldom think about visiting, and many objects have accumulated a thick layer of dust.
Fortunately, there is no wind here, and it is at least quiet during the rainy night.
The cloak of the figure fluttered with the steps, and a voice that was obviously distorted by the voice changer sounded:
“I am coming, where are you?”
As 南京夜生活论坛 the voice fell, two green light spots lit up in the darkness. Over there, something that looked like a TV began to squirm and deform, turning into a tall and burly human figure.
“Here, Little Robin.”
“Just call Robin, don’t add adjectives.” Damian rolled his eyes and replied ill-tempered. Mudfaces sometimes like pranks.
“Okay, little Robin, after all, you have too many brothers, and I just want to distinguish.” The mud face wriggled and approached Damian, and lowered his height, looking at the other person: “I still remember that year. There are Big Robin, Two Robin, and Three Robin. You are the last little Robin to be added to the Bat family. It’s strange that you are the son of Batman.”
Lightning suddenly lit up outside the tempered floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the viewing platform, Damian’s small face illuminated 南京桑拿按摩网 in the dark, his eyes behind his blindfold were not nostalgia, but something else.
He squinted his eyes, as if avoiding glare.
My son?
But there are some things that don’t need to be made known to everyone. They are my own personal affairs. I stopped patrolling and came here to meet Mud Face, not for personal affairs.
Mudface is essentially a good person, or not so bad. He has been a villain for a while, but in the end he sided with Batman and became a non-staff member of the Bat family.
Ability as the name suggests, he can change his appearance at will, just as convenient as plasticine.
This allows him to imitate th