the topic of discussing mutants, the people below were all excited as if they had taken a stimulant.

It’s not that they hate mutants or something, but that they have another purpose.
The people who can enter the US Senate are undoubtedly the elite. They know many secrets that ordinary people don’t know, they know the ins and outs of the “weapon plan,” and they know that mutants carry powerful genetic codes.
It’s not enough to live forever. They want power, power that destroys the world. This is why the United States has always been very keen on mutant experiments.
The voting began again, and the numbers on the vote counter began to fly around.
“Form is not good for us.”
On the Canadian seaside, a group of brothers is also watching TV.
The summer night is still a bit hot, so the TV is placed outside the door. Everyone usually goes out to kill or destroy, and they must always be careful to hide. Now watch TV and 南京桑拿楼凤网 drink beer, which is a good leisure activity. Up.
But today is different. Looking at the Teddy Bears’ press conference, Magneto has keenly noticed that the form is not good.
He was certain that the person who carried out the attack was not a mutant, or even a human, but who would listen to the explanation of the mutant?
There are many countries with nuclear power plants, and the mysterious man specifically selected these places to start, so that the people of the major powers are in danger.
Eric is confident in his own strength, but when the opponent is seven billion people, that’s another matter.
Wanda, who was standing not far behind him, was biting her lip. She was also thinking of a way. If she killed those lunatics who had harmed fellow mutants, she would not be merciless, but when faced with the incited ordinary people, she 江苏桑拿论坛 Don’t want to do it.
“Maybe we can contact the X-Men? Let me go.” Ruiwen took the initiative to ask Ying, her blue skin changed for a while, and she became an ordinary woman: “I’m going to see Charles, he should believe me.”
“No. They can’