spread his hand, shrugged her shoulders and said, “Whether you believe it or not, this is the truth.”

She was in a daze!
Then I said to Le Die: “Yes, that flying dragon was injured during the fight and reached the lake. It died shortly afterwards. It did not leave any wealth, and the power of the Dragon God took its body back to the Dragon Tomb, leaving nothing behind.”
“It only left you with a dragon. Eggs, there is no dragon egg that has hatched.” After I finished speaking, I shouted at Luka, the tauren warrior who was walking behind,: “Luka, can you bring that huge dragon egg back?”
Luka looked for it. In a linen pocket, put the dragon egg in his pocket and carry it on his back.
At this time, he heard me calling him, and he honestly agreed: “Of course, Ji Jia, this big guy is quite heavy, can I not carry it on my back?”
Obviously, this dragon egg is still pretty. It’s weighty, when I saw me calling him, and explained that I 南京桑拿按摩网 wanted to take a look at the dragon egg, I was very happy to think that I didn’t need to carry this big guy on his back, ran over and giggled at me.
At this time, he put the cloth bag behind him on the ground and exposed the gray dragon egg in his pocket. Numerous blood patterns appeared on the egg shell of the dragon egg. Those strange symbols were all very strange to me. Magic sign.
I extinguished his fantasies and waved to him and said, “Oh, no! My friend, you have to hold on for a while, you see, these vital signs can’t be put in the magic backpack, you are us The strongest in the team, of course, you still need to carry it.”
For my request, Luca never knew how to refuse.
After patted the dust on her hands, the urn sounded out angrily: “Okay!”
Le Die recovered very quickly. Although she was seriously injured, after a day of recuperation, 南京桑拿会所 she could even stand with the support of Kalantuo. stand up.
She came to the huge dragon egg, stretched out her hand, and wanted to touch the dragon egg, she bent down and stretched out pale When the crystal fingert