Catherine Na slightly pursed her lips, like blooming red roses. She said to me: “Well, I told them about our plan in person. Master Felix will withdraw those who are too late from the north gate. The Trom guards and the soldiers of the heavy armored infantry regiment all hid in the warehouses on the cliffs of Trom Mountain. There is enough space there and time should be too late.”

I was dumbfounded and speechless. It turned out that their method of avoiding the explosion of the phosphorous bomb was to transfer all the defenders of the northern city wall to the cliff warehouse. When I think of the real power of the fire-phosphorus bomb, my heart feels a little weak.
I whispered in a low voice: “I hope the cave is strong enough!”
This sentence made Katerina seem to have heard such a funny joke, she laughed and asked me: “Are you still worried about Trump? Will the mountain collapse?”
I was about to answer Catalina’s 南京龙凤网 question when I heard Qige standing under the altar with her arms folded 南京夜生活论坛 and shouting dissatisfiedly: “You two are still chirping me and mine on the altar. Can’t come down?”
Catalina smiled sweetly at me, shrugged her shoulders, and immediately agreed: “Come.”
She turned around and suddenly performed a leap, and her body disappeared in front of me. At the same time Suddenly, there was an unregular void gap beside Qige, Katerina’s body flexibly emerged from it, standing neatly beside Qige, her agility and agility looked aside the orc warriors. stunned.
I can think of what the orc warriors are thinking at this moment. They must be thinking: when they face such an assassin who can accurately cross time and space at a short distance, how they will respond, but it seems that in addition to having a keen perception Besides, there is really no 南京桑拿夜网 good way to deal with it, unless you wrap yourself like an iron bucket.
When I came to the underground cave again, I found that there were some changes almost every day. The most obvious was the altar section of the cave. The traces