leet of Marine Mammals influx of animals

the day before yesterday, our fleet encountered a large group can be magic flying fish in the sea a short 南京桑拿会所网 distance flown, this magic flying fish taste very delicious, just catch up non- constant trouble because They can fly short distances on the sea and can spray a kind of water arrows. Although they are not powerful, there are a large number of magic flying fish. Once all the magic flying fish spray water arrows at the same time, it is like an overwhelming arrow rain.
However, this kind of magic flying fish is like the magic antelope on the grassland. It belongs to the weakest type of sea beast on the Vashj plane. The sailors on the sea ship almost have experience in hunting magic flying fish, so the entire fleet began to hunt the group. There are more than ten thousand magic flying fish.
But I didn’t expect that just that evening, I stood on the boat and saw a dust storm rising from the horizon, and then the magic flying fish no longer fled 南京桑拿夜网 around because of our fleet’s hunting and killing, but, completely desperately facing the direction of our fleet. , Rushed over all over the world.
This is simply these magic flying fishes throwing their own nets. As long as we open a net on the boat, we can harvest countless magic flying fishes on the deck, and even some magic flying fish directly hit the sails when they panic. It crackled and fell on the deck.
Our fleet has ever experienced such a feast of catching. When everyone caught the magic flying fish and got soft hands, we suddenly discovered that the dark sky like a sandstorm had swallowed up half of the sky. Only then did we realize the big thing. Unfortunately, we encountered a rare sea animal tide.
Earl decisively ordered the sailing, we completely abandoned the established route, following the sea breeze, sailing at the highest speed at sea.
In this way, at sea, regardless of any route, just following the sea breeze, sailing day and night, there is a great risk, but we have no choice.