alace hidden in a sea of ??clouds, golden roofs, silver outer walls, and occasionally a vague shadow passing by.

The gray distant mountains make people feel that the world is infinitely vast, and the rippling Weiyang Lake is like a sapphire inlaid in the center of the imperial capital.
The magic caravan is driving on Yulin Street, with colorful lanterns hung on the sidewalk trees and shrubs on both sides. The festive atmosphere makes the whole city colorful.
On the sidewalks on both sides of the street, you will always see some small merchants and 江苏桑拿论坛 hawkers from all over the world, either with simple street stalls or simple trolleys, selling strange special snacks and crafts. Under the tree-lined trees, you can always see boys and girls gathering together. They are dressed in exquisite dresses and get together in twos and threes to play, talk and laugh.
The girls’ laughter like silver bells passed through the dense bushes and flew around a group of birds perched on the banyan tree.
Mrs. Alia sat across from me with a smile, and did not talk to me about the workshop, nor did she ask me what kind of troubles I encountered during the Vashj plane experience that delayed the return date, she Just sitting quietly opposite me, with a quiet smile, looking at me silently, lips like red rose petals slightly pursed, and the skin is smooth and delicate, like a cooked egg with a shell. It didn’t 南京龙凤论坛 leave too many marks on her face.
“Why look at me like that?” I looked out the window with a somewhat unnatural face.
“It’s nice that you are back, and I feel much more secure.” Madam Alia smiled at me.
“I heard that Demi and Ann are also here in the capital?” I changed the subject.
“Yes, Ann came to the emperor this time to send Demi off. He only stayed in the imperial capital for one night and then returned to El City overnight. The War College has already started, and he doesn’t want to miss too many magic courses.” Looked at me and said.
The cabin is a bit quiet, in sharp contrast with the street outs