quietly while holding a book of magic while I was chatting with Noah and read carefully. There would also be three or five close friends to discuss controversial magic knowledge. .

More than ten days have passed without knowing it. Someone in the college is already preparing for the summer festival three days in advance. On the lawn of the square in front of the campus teaching building, some exquisite color sheds have been built one after another, giving me the feeling It is like preparing a large-scale open-air exhibition. The Summer Festival is probably 南京龙凤网 what the students of the Magic Academy have shown to the outside world in the past year.
Many students attach great importance to the exhibition held on the platform 南京桑拿按摩网 of the Magic Academy, and even some magic students started to prepare two months ago. For example, the future Ming Masters of the empire gathered in the Ming Society to jointly design and Draw a set of magic pattern suits, which have already spread to the academy. This summer festival is more for those seniors who are about to graduate from the Royal Academy of Magic. They will be in the summer. Show your specialties at the festival.
The Royal Academy of Magic will also invite the royal family and grand princes to come, whether it is the royal family or the lord and the princes who are guarding a party, they are still very interested in the high-level magic students in the Royal Academy of Magic. Excellent magicians are everywhere. very popular.
Over the years, the summer festival of the Royal Academy of Magic has gradually 江苏桑拿论坛 come into people’s vision. It has developed to the present day. The summer festival of the Royal Academy of Magic is not only a display platform for college graduates, but also attracts other magic in the Imperial City. Institutions, such as the Imperial Capital Institute of Magic, will also display many of the new research results, as well as the major professional guilds of magic life in the Imperial Capital, the Alchemist Guild, the Ming Master Guild, the