element absorbed by all the nodes in my body was all concentrated on the left shoulder, and the left shoulder blade of the body was constantly absorbing from the outside world. The influx of thunder and lightning.

At the beginning, the Seed of Thunder was fused with this bone. For a while, this bone seemed to be released with some abnormal changes. Unfortunately, before the abnormal changes occurred, the power of lightning contained in the shoulder blades was repeatedly consumed by me. , This bone also quieted down.
Standing in the rain, feeling the thunder element absorbed from the limbs and hundreds of limbs constantly being added to the shoulder blades that merged with the seeds of thunder, the tingling feeling made the whole body seem to wake up.南京夜生活spa论坛
So 南京龙凤网 I decided to find a place closer to the lightning in the clouds, to absorb the power of the thunder and lightning in the rain
and ran fast on the square, like a huge water polo constantly rolling, I returned to the teaching building, still Many students were trapped at the entrance of the teaching building, and they continued to wait for the rain to decrease.
Some can’t wait for magic born to prop up a piece of parchment on the top of the head, or press the magic cone hat on the head very low, and rushed into the pouring rain. Many people along the way envied me like a magic shield. The transparent water cover, they looked at me with surprise on their faces, with a confused look on their faces, probably not understanding what kind of magic I was using.
Right at the entrance of the teaching building, I put away the water cover, and was about to step into the teaching building, but 南京龙凤论坛unexpectedly was blocked by a senior sister.
I looked at her suspiciously, she looked at me curiously, and then stretched out her palm in front of me, with a drop of water floating in her palm, slowly converging into a crystal clear water ball, and smiled friendly at me.
I know her, her name is Octavia.
This third-year elder sister lives on the third floor