wormhole. Noah was stunned by the scene before him. He patted his chest and pointed. The huge head of the mountain dragon tortoise asked me: “Jijia, what did it say to you? What level of monster do you think it is?”

I spread my hand and said to Noah, “I didn’t say anything, it said Thank you for helping it remove those sandstone knotworms. In return, he will take me to the place where the Pirate King hides the treasure!”
Noah cheered, “Really, he really said that, ah oh great. ”
Justus clasped his hands together, closed his eyes, put his hand on his lips, and kissed his thumb with his lips, like some kind of religious 南京夜生活论坛 ceremony. He whispered sincerely: “I hope the pirate king can take that one. Put the soul horn here! 江苏桑拿论坛 Poseidon bless.”
“It will!” Noah said to Justus, and then excitedly said to me: “Jiga, with these treasures, we can do a lot, maybe We can gather together the magic materials to build the Void!”
I blinked and said, “Then you have to pray for the treasure left by the Pirate King, not just gold coins.” At
this time, a thunder blasted from the sky. Dao Jinglei turned into a rumbling voice coming from a distance, with a heavy and low voice: “The things that old Jack left with me are indeed mostly sparkling gold, of course there are other things.”
“Ah, who are you?” Noah was surprised. Yelled, but he immediately realized that this seemed a bit rude, so he put down his hand covering his lips and asked the voice: “Are you the master of this island, Mr. Dragon Turtle?”
The thunder in the sky The voice is rolling, and the voice is slow and clear: 南京夜生活spa论坛 “This island is me, I am an island. I am an old mountain dragon tortoise, but please don’t call me Mr. Dragon tortoise. I have a name. If it is transliterated into imperial language, please Call me Ramos.”
Noah tiptoe, facing high altitude mountain city as head waved, shouted:” Yes, Mr. Ramos, nice to meet you. ”
ranks The atmosphere became much more relaxed, and we ran behind the mountain following the fading head of Moras.