a pipe and thinking about something.

“Did you see their route?” Sarah rubbed her arm. She had never been to Gotham so cold before.
“Give me a pen.” Barry knocked his head with a smile, and the small lightning wings next to his ears swayed a few times: “I remember it clearly, and when I ran past them, no one noticed me. ”
Atomic Man is a scientist. He always carried a pen on his body. After handing it to Barry, he didn’t even see anything. He heard 南京桑拿会所网 the Flash say:
“The drawing is done.” At
this time, look at the pen in Bobo’s hand. The tourist map has completely changed. Barry reproduced the entire underground facilities of Gotham according to the scale on it, and then began to talk about the Pale Knight’s bean-changing plan.
There are a total of seven vehicles, only one has a frozen man in it. Even if the underground infiltration plan is discovered, it will not necessarily prevent him from cracking the cannon.
“Well, from the map, it looks similar to Gotham on Earth 0, except that there is no such thing as a’final plan’.” Popo squinted his eyes and said, his pipe making his voice sound a little vague: “But there are also The good news, we don’t need to freeze people, I can reverse the giant cannon and remove the effect of mind control.”
“Are you sure you can?” The little 南京桑拿夜网 black man in Firestorm raised his hand and asked.
He always felt that the most important task was entrusted to an orangutan. It seemed that
Bobo was not angry. He was discriminated against. Of course, it may not be as long as the blacks who have been discriminated against, but the degree is definitely greater. high.
He breathed out smoke, choking the young black man back again and again, before he said:
“You guys, all lack some insight. Do you know the anti-monitor king? I’m the ape who cracked his ship system, Qiongji understands. Click? A cannon made of rubbish, a piece of cake.”
Sarah raised her hand to stop the firestorm that she wanted to say. After all, Bobo is the leader named by the death knell. No mat