her magic shield strangely. Hit her body.

She immediately noticed 南京夜生活spa论坛 that it was not good, but the black water seemed to come alive and flowed in along her seven orifices, especially the viscous liquid in her mouth, which was like a firm belt, and it was stuck tightly. Her tongue even prevented her from chanting spells.
All sorts of dark illusions and uncontrolled pessimistic thoughts flooded into her mind, and all the internal organs were in pain at the same time!
The lake water boiled, and the slurry rolled and pushed a figure out of the water until it was at the same height as the island in the center of the lake. The other side took a gentle step to the island and said in a narrow tone:
“You are Giova. Ni Zatanla’s child, I know you.”
Chapter 2209 Yellow and Black appear on the
stage. The effect is good. A big bald head pops up in the black water tumbling. It looks quite frightening in such a 江苏桑拿论坛 gloomy place. .
However, his lines have not been finished yet, and the death knell is oncoming.
Su Ming always felt that the island in the center of the lake was not quite right, because the location was too punctual and it was a trap no matter what.
Now that Zatanna stepped on the thunder and brought out such a thing that is neither human nor ghost, then you should first eat this chess piece, and then see if it will cause a chain reaction.
It was too late, it was almost the moment when the bald head stepped on the island, Su Ming let the strangulation grab the orangutan and Bobo to fly to the island, and he himself used the godslayer to cut out the sorcerer that is absolutely inevitable. one strike.
The feeling of the weapon entering the flesh is very strange, not like cutting a human body, more like cutting off some rotten wood, and 南京桑拿按摩网 even a crackling sound can be heard.
The enemy’s head flew high into the sky, his severely decomposed eyes were still staring at the death knell, and then his head fell into the lake along with the headless corpse.
“Look at Xiaozha’s situation!”