ting with a steady stream of smoke.

The streets, pedestrians, surrounding buildings, everything is shrouded in darkness, the stars and moonlight in the sky are hidden, and only 南京桑拿按摩网 the weapon in the darkness shines with cold light, becoming the only coordinate.
The two sides walked towards each other, and the frontal encounter was only a moment, when a large number of black stone spurs rushed out of the surface, pushing the other side in the direction of Hela. 南京桑拿会所
Although she was half dead, she could still feel the joy of blood rushing over her head whenever she fought. Hela let out a sharp laugh like a banshee, and roared like a
yin wind anger: “Ha! I order you to die!”
“Wait, I’m not” the other party who flew was a little flustered, stepping on a strange aircraft that resembled a metal plate and swayed.
After seeing this incomprehensible momentum for ordinary people, he tried his best to avoid the huge spikes that broke out of the ground in the dark, while trying to defend himself.
However, it’s too late. The Asa Protoss has always been in the habit of playing. If the opponent can’t take a move, there is no need to communicate.
The moment of the fight was only between the electric light and flint, because the difference between the strength of the two sides was too large, when the 南京桑拿楼凤网 green man passed by, Hela’s head was cut off.
The sword of the night sky is Hela’s treasure, and its mystery is no less than that of Gangnir. It is condensed from the miserable souls of the underworld. It can be said to be a sword-shaped staff. It can only be used by the dead like Hela. use.
Although it is not as powerful as Valetin’s flame sword when used, it is definitely the most concealed murder weapon, because everything happens in the dark.
But this kind of magical black mist would not affect the sword-bearer himself, Hela could clearly see everything that happened, and at the same time accurately caught the falling green head.
There was some sticky blood dripping from the neck fracture, H