towards the rented house against the roof.

There was an exclamation from afar. People on the street were looking after me. I didn’t dare to fly too high. I was afraid to attract the lion and eagle knights who were patrolling in the sky. They could only fly close to the roof and fly at low altitude. , But having said that, my flying skills 南京龙凤论坛 are still very good, which is due to the previous flight trips on the plane of Vashj.
When I passed by like a gust of wind above the pedestrians on the street, there would always be exclamations again and again, and I took Katarina through the three streets before returning to the alley of the rented house.
At this time, Fanny and Lion were already wearing formal attire and waiting in the yard. They were wearing northern style clothing. Lion was wearing a tight-legged breeches and long leather boots. The upper body was a white shirt with a beige sheepskin waistcoat. He wore a western rapier around his waist, the beard on his face was carefully repaired, and a layer of wax was applied to his hair, which was neatly combed. Fanny was wearing a silk dress, a knitted shawl over her bare shoulders, and a brand new hat on her head.
Kalantuo 南京桑拿会所网 and the tauren Luca, Justus, and Deborah are all neatly dressed, and they seem to plan to go out with Lion and Fanny.
Deborah was covered with a black cloak, which completely covered the folded wings, but this made her figure extremely bloated, and after restraining Deborah’s wings, it 南京桑拿夜网 made her walk very much. Clumsy, it seems difficult to grasp the balance, wearing a big hood on his head, completely concealing the beautiful face.
Before she stopped, Catalina jumped off the magic bar, she looked a little restrained in front of Fanny.
Fanny narrowed her eyes to look at the magic wand beside me, and asked me: “How do I remember the magic wand you bought back then, isn’t it the way it is now?”
“Hey, the magic wand is broken, this is I changed it before I went to Vashj’s plane.” I said to Fanny. “It’s not too late for me to