anders basically stay in the cabin. I never thought that on a certain day, some people would even look at the blue sky above their heads and bask in the sun, which would become a luxury, and these people are not so-called slaves.

Yes, they are residents of Connerson Island, not slaves.
The young girls who live under the deck sometimes look up at the roof of the tall ship building at the stern of the sailboat with a look of envy.
Those nobles who are active on the top floor have more space for private activities. The nobles will always have some privileges. The island residents who withdrew from Connorson Island also have some noble people in them. Arrange to live in the ship building above the stern deck of the sailboat.
These nobles usually live in the ship building, and their living conditions are obviously slightly better.
Sometimes, in accordance with the laws of the Green Empire, I have to treat nobles and civilians differently. If 江苏桑拿论坛 they are treated equally, it will be an insult to some nobles, 南京桑拿会所 and they will never Because it treats the nobles the same, I have any gratitude to me.
The four sea ships have become four huge living areas. The toilets on the ships continuously discharge domestic garbage and waste water into the sea every day, allowing a group of scavenger fish in the sea to follow our sea ships all day and night. The materials consumed by these people every day are calculated in tons. The daily staple food is nothing more than some fresh fish from the salvage, and some oatmeal or other things.
Karantuo and I accidentally discovered that there is a large warehouse on the bottom of the upper deck of the Galen-class sailboat, which is filled with wheat flour and grains. These warehouses are painted with a thick waterproof material and are divided into many. The grains in the room are packed in linen bags, neatly stacked in the warehouse, with seals on them.
Perhaps this ship was originally a grain-carrying branch in the rebel fleet, and it happened to be robbed by us when it