e in a naive way: “Should I move a place?”

Yingli and I didn’t care about Luca’s ridicule, and got him. By my side, here is very clean.
“Luca, show you something amazing.” I stood on tiptoe and patted his broad back. This guy has grown a lot taller recently, and his thick short hair is as smooth as satin.
In fact, the tauren people have a strong curiosity. Hearing that I have something to show him, Luca quickly sat upright and asked me curiously: “What good thing?”
Since the other day, I have given Luca a meal. A kind of seaweed scones, he was looking forward to eating it again, he probably thought I would give him seaweed scones. But seeing that I was empty-handed, I looked back in disappointment, and continued to stare at the fish float on the sea.
I looked at the thick fishing rod in his hand and asked him curiously, “What’s the harvest 南京桑拿会所 today?”
Luca kicked the wooden barrel with his foot casually. There were a few sea bream floating in it. Luca kicked it with his foot and immediately turned a splash of water in the barrel.
“Do you want to catch a big guy?” I asked Luca.
“Of course, but it depends on luck. I haven’t caught a big guy over a hundred pounds!”
“I heard that the Rand Knight on the Shirley caught a bluefin tuna the day before yesterday” Luka the Tauren Said to me with interest.
I patted my forehead. I don’t know when he fell in love with fishing. I said to Luca, “I have a way to get you to catch a big guy!”
After that, I quickly twisted it. Open the lid of the Rococo Flower perfume bottle in your hand and lift the perfume bottle high to let the fragrance inside float into the air.
After that, I thought about the sea beasts lurking in the sea, whether 南京桑拿按摩网 to pour some perfume into the sea, and then glanced at the perfume bottle the size of the belly of my finger, and then hesitated.
Ying Li screamed in surprise.
“Hurry up and close the lid!”
Yingli quickly snatched the perfume bottle in my hand, and then quickly closed the lid.
Just as Luca and I were a