not enough to buy a Naiti bow.”

“Oh! Why do you buy a Naiti bow? Isn’t an alloy bow good?” Qige asked me in surprise, seeing her big 南京夜生活spa论坛 beautiful eyes full of confusion, I miss her Maybe I don’t know how much the alloy bow costs.

So I explained to her, “Alloy bows are of course the best. The requirements for the shooter’s arm strength are slightly lower than those of iron-wood bows, and their penetration and range are much better 南京桑拿会所网 than iron-wood bows, but they are too expensive. I hereby say that alloy bows are not the craftsmanship of the orc tribe. Only dwarf craftsmen with superb forging skills can make alloy bows with excellent performance. The price of an alloy bow is at least ten times that of an iron-wood bow. The bow is still a little short of money. I want to
try my luck at the magic bookstore and see if I can sell this broken magic book.” I hold the fragment of the inscription basic trial explanation in one hand, and the other hand Continue to stuff stones into her pocket, and then ask Qige: “By the way, these stones are so heavy, or we will send them back to the camp and then come back. It’s not far anyway.”
“So, it’s better to buy an alloy bow for a while .” Come on!” Qige took the sheepskin magic book in my hand casually, and looked at it casually 南京龙凤论坛 and didn’t even speak.
Kurz was also listening to our conversation. At this time, Qige said he was going to buy an alloy bow. He raised his head and said, “I will buy an alloy bow later. Now I can buy a Neti bow.”
Werewolves have the self-esteem of werewolves, just like I have my principles, we all have our own bottom line, which is one of the reasons why Kurz and I are getting more and more close together. Kurz actually wanted to say to Qige: We don’t need your money, we have to make money to buy alloy bows. I think the same is true. Once friends are most afraid of having a financial relationship, they will inevitably feel pressure after taking on the debt. Sometimes the true friendship fades, and being together will be unnatural. I