than enough.” I

glanced at the surrounding environment, and there was a street lamp next to the fountain just not far away . I took the two red bronze talisman plates and walked over quickly, placing the talisman plate on the stone beside the pool. On the stage, he skillfully fetched the magic engraving pen and magic ink from his pocket, and squatted down by the pool. Under the curious gaze of Noah and Shirley Newman, he quickly completed the drawing of the rune board.
Because some time ago, I always trial-produced 南京桑拿按摩网 the golden magic pattern rune plate in Qige’s laboratory, so I always carried the exquisite gem base with me, which happened to be taken out at this time and used a small silver hand. The hammer sneaked the gem base into the center of the rune plate magic circle, and then took out a small piece of magic crystal fragment from the magic waist bag and placed it in the gem base.
With a cry, a red flame appeared on the rune board.
Noah’s hand to me has long been strange, but Shirley Newman gave me a soft surprise when she saw me show her craft for the first time.
Then I quickly carved the second runeboard. At this time, the actions of Noah and I were seen by the other magic students. They came over with curiosity, but Noah and I were all prepared. After that, the two drawn rune boards were also taken into the magic pocket by Noah.
Noah couldn’t help but punched my shoulder with excitement, and said to me: “If you really have you, I know you can do it.”
Shirley Newman squeezed between me and Noah, holding each arm in arm. Holding my arms and Noah’s arms, even if they were plump, plump and soft, and soft breasts were on my arms, they still cared 南京桑拿夜网 all the time, and said happily to Noah, “I didn’t expect Ji Jia to be a hidden person. Master Ming!”
“Of course!” Noah had no doubt about this, and his tone would definitely agree.
I waved my hand again and again, and humbly said to Shirley Newman: “I will become a master in the future, but not now. Not to mention that I have not regis