oints were all dislocated. The two people lay on the boat for more than a month. Recovered.

Therefore, the deck platform at the stern and the top of the ship building are forbidden areas in the hearts of the slave traders. If no one is called, they will never come here.
Since Justus came to the slave trader, what Justus is most willing to do every day is to fight with Luca the tauren on the deck at the stern. His physical injuries have completely recovered, and only the Devil’s The drug addiction caused by blood haunts him like a tarsal maggot, like a nightmare that cannot be awakened.
Although the diluted Shadow Body I provided can relieve Justus’s pain when he is addicted to drugs, at least it will not make him lose his mind, but it will not help him to get rid of the addiction.
Justus recently figured out a way to fight against 南京桑拿楼凤网 the onset of drug addiction, which is to continuously improve 南京桑拿按摩网 his strength, strengthen his physique, and use his tyrannical body to resist drug addiction. This is a long process of struggle, but it is the most In an upright manner, with the blood of the sea monster, he has a physique far stronger than ordinary people, and has a strong ability to recover and regenerate.
Justus told me that when fighting with Luca, you can squeeze all your physical strength out. Only when the drug addiction is on the verge of being so tired that you don’t want to move, can Justus’ pain be reduced. To the lowest.
So I took Noah directly to the stern deck to find Justus, and I saw that he was naked, holding a copper hammer in his hand, and fighting with the tauren who wielded moonblade axe, tauren. Always occupying the initiative on the field, his continuous offensive forced Justus to retreat steadily, but Justus was also very resilient. Although he 南京桑拿会所网 was beaten all the way back by the tauren, he never showed defeat. .
Noah asked me excitedly: “Jijia, have you found another follower? It’s good to be able to stay under Luca for so long!”
“Justus is not my follower, he is ”
I to